Profiles & Long Products

The Profiles & Long Products division consists of three sales teams and is engaged in global sourcing, distribution and service around steel long products and non-alloy steel (carbon steels) profiles. Carbon steel long products are understood to mean steels which, apart from carbon, do not contain any intended additions of alloying elements.

Products and services:

The category long products includes shaped steels (rolled, drawn, pressed) with a constant cross-section over their length.

The department of long products and profiles distributes:

- wire rod & wire products
- reinforcing steel
- bar steel (angle steel, flat iron, hexagonal steel, square steel etc.)
- bead flat steel
- molded steel & wide flange beam
- profiles, special profiles
- rails
- sheet piling profiles
- anchor material & accessories
- semi-finished products for the production of long products: billets, blocks & beam blanks

Additional information:

* In literature also construction hollow sections and pipes are assigned to the long products. These are marketed by the SMID pipes department.

* For low and high alloy steel products, the Quality Steel and Diversification Department is the right contact.

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