The Mission Statement of Salzgitter AG

Salzgitter AG enjoys one of the richest traditions among Germanys conglomerates. Its future focus is set firmly on steel and technology. Through internal and external growth, the Salzgitter Group has become an innovative power in the international steel industry. We aspire to rank and to remain among the best in steel and in technology.

Our workforce and our management alike are committed to achieving this goal. To guide them on their way, they have developed a mission statement comprising their vision of themselves, their principal aims and corporate philosophy.

Putting this corporate mission into practice and realizing the aims and the corporate philosophy it embodies is a demanding task, yet it is one to which every individual employee feels bound. Our mission statement and corporate philosophy are signposts to the ambitious goals the Salzgitter Group has set itself. We accept a commitment to honor and abide by the letter and the spirit of the law and by ethical values.